The Village of Whitefish Bay has a retail incentive program that offers grants on a case by case basis to new retail businesses from outside the business district that are locating to a space within BID boundaries who would not otherwise locate within the district. In addition, only businesses that are consistent with the Village Master Plan and the goals of the BID qualify for the program.

Businesses must add to the diversity of the street to be eligible and are further limited to the following specific uses: art supply store, book store, clothing, home furnishing, paint/wallpaper/hardware stores, shoe store, specialty retail uses, sporting goods, hobby store, and a restaurant/bar (at least 50% food or retail sales). 

Interested businesses must first submit an application to be considered for a retail incentive grant. The grant application and program guidelines can be downloaded from the links found below. Businesses will be ineligible for the program if they apply after a lease has been signed.

Approval of an incentive is not guaranteed if all criteria above are met. The BID Economic Restructuring Committee and Village Community Development Authority (CDA), in their sole discretion, will make the final decision regarding the approval of grant applications. The Economic Restructuring Committee will review the application against the established criteria for the program and make a recommendation to the CDA regarding the request on behalf of the BID. On behalf of the Village, the CDA will then review the application and approve/deny/modify the request as recommended by the Economic Restructuring Committee. Upon approval of an incentive, the amount will be released to the applicant upon initiation of occupancy and the opening of the business, unless otherwise provided.



Contact Katie Commer at for more information.